List of compositions and improvisations //

2020 MAERSK, 7K Berlin String Compilation Album,

Fragments of colors, commissioned by Heya Project,
for electronics and violoncello

2019 Zaman, SKG Bridges Festival,
for tanbur, violoncello, classical kemence, vocal

C atmosphere, commissioned by Klank.ist ensemble,
for electronics, electric guitar, violoncello

2018 On the Fly, commissioned by SAVT trio,
for tanbur, classical kemence, violoncello

2017 Veda,

2016 Not a Cello,

2015 Aksak Semai,
for violoncello and tanbur

2014 Abysmal Lake (Dipsiz Gol),
for violoncello and piano

2013 Herhangi Bir Pencere,
for piano

Three miniatures,
for piano

2012 Hayat,
for string quartet

2010 Theme and Variations
for violoncello and piano

2009 Rüzgar Gülü,
for violoncello and piano

List of Improvisations//

2017 To Robert, Farewell

recorded live in the studio for Açık Radyo’s programme Öteki Caz on 24.4.17 (broadcast 2.5.17)
 Nikolai Galen (voice),
 Robert Reigle (tenor sax)
, Serkan Şener (kaval)
Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu (cello)
Released by: Voice of Shade, Release date: 2 May 2017

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