Savt Trio- Debut album “Birinci Hane”
Released by A.K Music Label / Istanbul
Hard Copy Version on Bandcamp

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We have recorded our album in two days of studio improvisation sessions in Istanbul. Our main motivation was to explore some new sound possibilities around/above the Turkish makam music heritage. During our recording session, except for the piece ‘On the fly,’ the only predetermined aspect was the timing. We have recorded one shot of several tracks with different timings and instrument combinations (solos, duos, trios). The piece ‘Bükül’ is an excepted one; cello and classical kemenche improvise together, and a separate solo improvisation by Tanbur overlapped on it. We have shaped our album idea by referring to the tradition of Turkish music. The title of the album “Birinci Hane” (meaning ‘first home’ or ‘first grade’) and the track names inspired by the concepts of ‘home’ (ev, hane), ‘space’ (mekân) and ‘makam’.

All tracks on the album are improvised recordings by SAVT, except “On the Fly” composed by Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu.

We would like to thank Cevdet Erek and Tolga Balc for their inspiration in this collection as an album; to Şevket Akıncı, Anıl Eraslan and Stéphane Clor for their guidance on the release process. Special thanks to Laçin Şahin for recorded and mixed, Berk Falay and Oğuz Öz for their recording assistant, ITU MIAM Recording Studios, Gökhan Deneç for Mastering, Beste Türkön for CD Face Design, Yula Baskı Atölyesi for CD Cover Design and Print, and Başak Erdem (@lines_dots_) for the final handwriting touches.

Thanks for sharing the excitement.

Released on February 21, 2021

Tanbur | Merve Salgar, Violoncello | Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu, Classical Kemenche | Elif Canfeza Gündüz, Recorded and mixed | Laçin Şahin, Recording assistant | Berk Falay, Oğuz Öz, Recording studio | ITU MIAM Recording Studios, Mastering | Gökhan Deneç, CD Cover Design | Beste Türkön, Album Cover Art Work | Yula Baskı

Klank.ist Ensemble- Debut album “V. Dialogs”
Released by Klank.ist / Istanbul
Hard Copy Version soon on Bandcamp

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Through the dialogs we established during the studio recordings, we valued the fluid manifestations of activity and passivity; through a constant flux of being affected by each other, and affecting one another. Within the recording process, we intended to open a sonic window of ‘listening’ and ‘being heard’ while referencing Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologs, at a time in which silenced voices need to be heard and reintroduced through dialogs.

Performed and composed by Klank.ist Ensemble at ITU MIAM recording studios on June 2019.

The Principle Of Pleasure-Aslı Kobaner/, I Took a Train To Mars- Eda Er/,Circumstantial Multitudes- Fulya Uçanok/, C Atmosphere- Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu.

Recording- Laçin Şahin, Oğuz Öz, Mixing- Laçin Şahin, Recording Assistants- Utku Gürler, Hamit Sultanov, Mastering-Gökhan Deneç, Desing and Artwork- Ömer Özçelik.


Wintergarden – Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu
Digital Released by Field Kitchen Academy


Wintergarden – Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu
Digital Released by Field Kitchen Academy

KRUSH- By GADZ / Gökhan Deneç, Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu
Digital Released

Maersk – From String Layers Compilation
Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu- Released by 7K Berlin


Uzaktan by Merve Salgar, Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu- Digital Released by Klank.ist

This electroacoustic piece ‘Uzaktan’ was recorded in April 2020 at Tarabya and Kurtuluş, Istanbul/Turkey during lockdowns.

Potlatch- Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu
Digital Released

Hostel 47- Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu
Digital Released

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