Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu is a interdisciplinary cellist, composer and improviser based in Istanbul.

She is performing and composing with various musical projects, collectives and ensembles in Istanbul and abroad. Her performances are stylistically changing from free improvisation with contemporary/new approaches to Turkish Makam music improvisations in free and experimental manners.

Her works include acoustic and electroacoustic compositions for solos or ensembles, and collective compositions with improvisatory elements. In addition to collaborating with artists from multiple disciplines, her current projects include sound design and installations, as well as co-creative “improvisatory play” practices for collective music making.

She studied at the Conservatory of Istanbul University and the State Conservatory for Turkish Music at the Istanbul Technical University (ITU TMDK) as a cellist and composer in Eurogenetic classical music and Turkish makam music. After graduating from Music Theory and Composition, she concentrated her practice on composer-performer practices, which are mainly involved in improvisation. She had participated in residencies and workshops, including Field Kitchen Academy Silence with the Consent of Sound in Berlin 2019, One beat Istanbul in 2016.

She is currently a research and teaching assistant in the ITU TMDK Department of Composition, and writing her Ph.D. thesis in cello performance at the ITU Center for Advanced Studies in Music (MIAM). Ayşe is an active member of improvisation trio SAVT, Klank.ist ensemble, HEYA Sound Project, and currently works on play and musical improvisation practices for collective music-making.

Photo Credit: Engin İriz

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