Sound: Taylan Özgür Özdemir, Görkem Yılmaz, Gökhan Deneç
Camera: Hakan Özkan
Video Edit: Ilgar Gökhan

The performance was inspired by the juxtaposition of urban and natural sounds and environment of the museum. The performance consisted of two sections that took place in two different spaces.

In the first part, the violoncello sounds shifted between musical genres and were added to the sounds of the city and nature that existed in the event space. The designed sound objects were placed in the performance space for the audience to interact with.

The second section consisted of a workshop. Participants were tasked with designing objects with the same material used during the performance, which represents different emotions, and then performing their individual pieces with these objects. The workshop had offered an experiential space, encouraging sharing ideas, listening and improvisation practices, connection to the performance and cooperation between the participants.

Performance Video Part I :