Ferry Dream is based on a memory of a scenery during my daily commute with thousands of other people as we travel across the Bosphorus each day.

If you consider passing by the biggest freight dock in the city, where cargo containers piled on top of each other, what you see is collection boxes with a collage of different colors and company logos from all around the world, many from unknown origins.

You can imagine focusing on each of the colorful boxes, or consider the whole a big object.

Ferry Dream on bandcamp: https://zeynepaysehatipoglu1.bandcamp.com/track/ferry-dream

Ferry Dream is a variation of a released piece MAERSK, 2020.
MAERSK composition: 7klassik.bandcamp.com/track/maersk

Music: Zeynep Ayse Hatipoglu


released June 4, 2023
Mastered: Gökhan Deneç
Art Cover: Mariia Mytrofanova