MAERSK is an electroacoustic composition based on a memory of a scenery during my daily commute with thousands of other people as we travel across the Bosphorus each day. If you consider passing by the biggest freight dock in the city where thousands of cargo containers piled on top of each other, what you see is collection boxes with a collage of different colors, brand labels, company logos from all around the world, many from unknown origins. As the spectator, you can focus on each single piece or consider the whole as one big object.This piece focuses on the vibrations when lots of different sound fragments come on top and interact with each other. Mainly consisting of minor timbral changes, it invites the listener for a closer experience, offering a t emporal perception shift with long duration sounds. You can focus on each fragment or conceive the whole as a single sound object. MAERSK was commissioned and released by 7K! Berlin in the compilation album ‘String Layers’ in 2020. String Layers album can be accessed from: artists-string-layers. MAERSK can be accessed from: