Namutena (Documentary video, 2017), A “na-mute-na” musical event: De Gentrifying a Demolition Site.

Social Musical Project Concept Design by Zeynep Ayşe Hatipoğlu.

This documentary music project was realized with the support of Onebeat, 2016.

Musicians and Creative Team of the project: Tolgalainen Birøkter, Özlem Ünsal , Gökhan Deneç, Çağdaş Acar, Hasan Serin, Anıl Gün ,Batuhan Oguz, Can Gürses, Osama Badawe, Ruşen Can Acet, Merve Salgar, Yarkın Duo, Haydar Cengiz, Laçin Şahin, Mertcan Bilgin, Karakamu, Eray Gedik, Özgür Mert Yavru, Mehmet Ali Hatipoğlu, Ahmet Sinan Hatipoglu.

“A decisive intervention into a myriad of social and economic conditions, including basic accommodation, designed for the greater wealth of rich minorities: the omnipresence of “urban regeneration projects”, in other words. Being pushed to the outskirts of the city, where no sense of belonging can be established and their social, cultural, and historical heritage will be irreversibly lost, some disadvantaged groups have been in resistance and thus, found a voice on media. Elsewhere, transformation is now almost habitual; rapid changes in physical and social settings, as well as the total destruction of historic structures without a single attempt of preservation and restoration are now part of our everyday life: muted and mundane. Bagdat Caddesi on the Asian side of Istanbul is a microcosm of transformation projects since the effects of the whole process on the inhabitants are in stark contrast. This avenue and a demolition site alluding to the abovementioned “muted transformation” are chosen as the concert venue to unmute the place and record it as part of the city’s collective memory.” Thank you Özlem Ünsal for her support about the research part of the project.